BoAt Airdopes 441: Boat Wireless Earbuds Pros/Cons

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Boat Wireless Earbuds review.

In today’s article, I’m gonna give you the most in-depth and unbiased review of the boat Airdopes 441. (Boat Wireless Earbuds)

Boat Wireless Earbuds
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So, these are a pair of truly wireless earbuds from boAt and these are my thoughts.

If after reading this review you do decide to get these Boat Wireless Earbuds please use this link given here it will cost you no extra charges.

It could cost you zero extra but it will help me run this blog and produce more and more quality content just for you guys.

Alright with that said let’s begin okay so before I give you my verdict of how it performed in my testing let’s go through some of the specs that these Boat Wireless Earbuds offer.

Battery Life/Charging – Boat Wireless Earbuds 441 TWS

So, truly wireless Earbuds they come in their own charging case boat claims a battery life of 3.5 hours of continuous playback obviously not at a 100 % volume may be at around 60 to 70 percent volume max.

Now, the charging case itself can charge these your buds from 0 to 100 percent 4 times so you’ve got backup there now these also are Bluetooth version 5 so that means when you’re watching a video on your phone and relaying the sound through these your buds there is no latency or lag.

Which is always welcome they also have certified ipx4 and sweat resistant so if you are thinking of using them in the gym sweating or even outside some rain is gonna do no harm.

They also have an inbuilt microphone so you can take your calls on these have touched capacitive controls on the surface of these Boat Wireless Earbuds.

Call Quality, Voice Assistance.

So, you can do the usual playing and pausing track skipping tracks answering ending calls, and even summon your voice assistant whether it’s Siri or Google assistant call quality was just about good enough.

Boat Wireless Earbuds were clearly audible on the other end and even the person calling was very much audible for me so no problems with call quality at all one downside are that what you can do all of these things with the overt themselves.

A basic thing you cannot do with the Boat Wireless Earbuds themselves is you cannot increase or decrease volume so for that, you either have to take out your phone physically and increase or decrease the volume there.

Or you can summon your voice assistant and tell the assistant to lower or increase the volume so that’s kind of a drawback there nothing major but something you should know okay.

Performance in the Sound Test

With that said let’s begin with how they performed in the sound test now I don’t just say the good sound or bad sound guys I always say that any sound that you hear in Boat Wireless Earbuds is made up of three main frequencies:

1.The highs
2.The mids
3.The lows.

Starting off with the highs with really sharp sounding instruments like highs were clear sharp and there was no distortion as such at max volume

but it wasn’t the best quality highs that I’ve heard on a your phone but definitely they were not poor as well they were just adequate they maintained a lot of sharpness even at max volume without any sort of crackling

So highs were these now coming to the mids where the vocals lie and make up for the body of the music now vocals around 80% volume which personally I found was the sweet spot is where they sound the most natural and maintain separation from the highs and the lows

The Sweet-Spot for Battery Optimization

So at that point at 80% volume on your Boat Wireless Earbuds, vocals are sharp they are bright and don’t sound too much artificially sharpened but the drawback is when it comes to a 100% volume

The bass which is surprisingly punchy and really really thumpy considering that it’s only got six-millimeter drivers back inside at 100% volume

The bass tends to eat up the vocals of the mids so that is something I found a bit disappointing but again the sweet spot is the 80% volume mark where the bass is still really punchy and maintains the thump

The vocals are separate and you can hear them clearly they don’t get muffled by the low end or bass and the highs are adequately sharp

So highs, mids, lows definitely good highs scent mints white decent, and the bass surprisingly punchy so for bass heads

Definitely, you won’t be disappointed but the drawback is at 100% volume the bass shows a bit of distortion by means of a buzzing you can hear that when you’re playing at a 100% volume though

That is only if you need to because these get so loud you don’t always need a 100% volume.

80% Volume like I said is the sweet spot.

Final Verdict: YAY or NAY?

Now one thing I have to mention is that of all the truly Wireless Earbuds that I’ve used whenever I’ve used this while working out at the gym if I’m on the treadmill I have always had them falling out of one of my years or both this is the first truly wireless earbuds that I’ve used that in my workout didn’t fall out

So these Earphones which these Boat Wireless Earbuds have given you a very snug and tight fit so even when you are like really tensed or you’re working out and moving about on the treadmill they don’t fall out.

At least for me, they didn’t fall out a single time. So if you’re thinking to get these Boat Wireless Earbuds for using it in the gym these are really a very good choice

So, that’s the overall verdict I hope you’ve enjoyed this BoAt Airdopes earbuds review.

Hope you found this helpful like I said if you do decide to buy these Boat Wireless Earbuds and I recommend that you do it won’t disappoint you please use this link it will help me with this blog review and produce more good content just for you guys.

Thank you so much for stopping by. As always I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Cheers!

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