Amazing Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets and Accessories Under Rs. 1000 / 2000 / 3000

Hey guys what’s up? Today we are checking out Top Modern Tech Gadgets and accessories from 1000 Rs all the way up to 3000.

List of Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets & Accessories

Modern Tech
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Now, the first product on our list of Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets are

Modular Magnetic Light Panels

Now these come in a set of five and are priced at 2976 at the time of making this review.

The panels are basically light panels and can be hung on your wall or taped on using the double-sided tape that is provided it also includes one adapter that can connect to any of these panels you can add additional panels by simply connecting them to the main panel via magnets that are on the device already.

Interactive Panel Settings

All these panels connect easily and can form any design or shape that you want and you can add as many panels as you want by buying more panels to turn on the lights all you need to do is tap on the panel.

And this is also interactive and unique as you can turn on or turn off the panels that you want to use this is a cool accessory to have especially if you are building a pc setup or just have inside your room on your wall.

Definitely go check out links for all the products featured in this review.

The next product on our list (Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets) is

RAEGR Arc 1200 [2-in-1] Wireless Charger Adjustable Stand

Now, this is priced at 2499. The cool thing about this is that it includes two wireless chargers in one device but more importantly it can also be folded for a more compact storage factor but if you want to keep it on your desk you can charge a couple of devices at the same time.

10 W Dual Wireless Fast Charging Support

Both supporting 10 watts of wireless charging now the device includes two cables one a USB A to USB C while the other is a USB C to USB C so depending on what port you have available you can use whatever cable is required.

Now, it can support up to 20 watts of charging which means that each of the wireless charging pads can get 10 watts each and the top wireless charging pad which is basically designed for phones is adjustable so that you can get the best contact point for your smartphone.

Adjustable Charging Stand

So, you can extend or decrease the size of the stand so that your phone fits on there properly you can also extend or decrease the height of the stand itself so that you get the best viewing angle of your phone while it is on charging a really cool modern tech accessory to have.

And the fact that it charges two devices and if you have a pair of wireless charging earphones say for example the AirPods you can charge them on this device as well.

The next product on our list (Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets) is

The Lenovo 300 Full HD Webcam

Now, this is a Clip-On Web Camera that can be used with your laptop or your desktop and it’s priced at 2649 at the time of making this review.

Snap-On Cover Feature

The cool thing about the webcam is that it does come with a snap-on cover which will disable the lens when you’re not using it it also comes in this really nice metal finish and can clip on top of your laptop without any problem.

This does have a full HD sensor which means that you can get a nicer image than you would with a webcam included on your device if you do want slightly better video capability especially at this time when everyone is working from home.

Top-Notch Modern Tech Dual Microphones

This will definitely up your video game a little bit it also has dual microphones in it so in case you don’t want to use headsets to communicate you can improve the quality of your microphones by simply using the microphones on the Lenovo webcam.

The lens of the web camera has a 95-degree field of view and it does have a 360-degree rotation so in the case while talking you want to flip it around you can do that as well for the price it’s a pretty good quality web camera go check out links.

The next product on our list of Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets is

A Camera Grip for your Smartphone

It’s priced at 1490 at the time of making this review.

Now, this is an extendable grip that can work with any smartphone big or small and it connects over Bluetooth low energy and has an inbuilt battery which is a button cell and can be replaced easily.

Shutter Button Included

The camera grip has a shutter button that will be used to engage your camera so this is great for shooting photographs as well as video if that is something that you’re into giving you a better grip with your smartphone.

And it also doubles up as a tripod mount for your smartphone so in case you want to mount your phone onto a tripod this does have a standard quarter inch thread on the bottom that you can attach to any tripod and use this as a tripod phone stand.

Benefits | Additional Features

modern technology cool gadgets
Credit- Amazon

Another benefit of this camera grip is the fact that the shooting button can be removed and then used as a remote so you can set up images and then use the remote shutter to click those images.

This can be helpful during macro photography or long exposures where you don’t want to move the phone while you press the shutter button and can also be useful for clicking group pictures where in which you want to be a part of the picture yourself.

Definitely a cool product for photography enthusiasts go check it out.

The next product on our list (Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets) is

Bosch GO (GEN-2.0) Smart Screwdriver

This is priced at 2955 and it includes a really nice quality carry case.

Now, this is a second generation of the Bosch Go screwdriver and it does have a mechanical clutch and variable torque settings on the top of the screwdriver.

Mechanical Clutch with Electronic Brake Features

You can activate the screwdriver by using the power button on the screwdriver itself or simply by pushing in on whatever you are trying to screw in or screw out so it is push activated which is really nice and it also has an electronic brake.

So, the minute you let go it automatically stops the included bits are of really high quality and it has good rpm as well as torque like I mentioned so it has a maximum speed of 360 rpm and a maximum torque of 5 newton meters.

A Gem tool for PC Builders

handy gadgets

A really robust screwdriver if you do a lot of pc building or in general like to do a lot of DIY work this is perfect for that and it is insulated so you can work on electrical stuff with this as well. Check it out!

now next up on our list (Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets) is

iGear Impulse 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

The iGear impulse is priced at 1499 and this is a nifty power bank that you can take with you it has 5000 milliamp hours of storage and it does support C-type wireless charging as well.

So, place your phone on top of the power bank and it can charge your phone but the coolest part of this device is that you can open it up and simply by extending the wireless base upwards you can reveal the rgb led lamp.

Multi-Functional Features | Night Lamp

Now, this can function as a night lamp and it does have a basic color like white and natural but you can also put it in the RGB mode and you can get RGB colors on your nightstand this is a fantastic accessory and it also doubles up as a power bank with 5000 milliamps of juice.

It also has a USB A port so in case you want to charge something with a cable you can do that as well the material and the build quality of this product is really nice it’s soft to touch it also has a hook so in case you want to hang it from anything you can do that as well.

Viewing Stand | Tilt-Friendly

modern gadgets powerbank

Another benefit of this is that you can also tilt the top base and point it towards yourself in case you want to use the product as a viewing stand for your smartphone if you’re watching videos etc.

A very cool accessory to get linked.

Next up on our list (Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets) is

The LUMI BRATECK Single Monitor Stand

This is a single monitor stand for a price of 3150 rupees.

This is one of the most essential things to get if you do use a monitor this has quite a lot of features that include a heavy base and you can also adjust the height of the monitor quite easily.


Once you install this on your monitor and it also includes a tilt adjustment as well as a rotation adjustment and you can also swivel the mount as well you can also rotate it 90 degrees on either side which is absolutely fantastic.

So, if you want to use it as a secondary vertical monitor you can attach it onto this modern tech device and use your monitor as a secondary vertical monitor it can attach to monitors that have a 75 by 75 or 100 by 100 vasa mount on the back and it can support monitors up to 32 inches in size and eight kilograms in weight.

We’ve been using this stand inside our office for one of the editing machines for a while and we thought we would recommend this in Top Modern Tech because it is essential to get a really good quality monitor stand especially if you are working from home for long periods of time and you want to get an ergonomic position so that you can place the monitor at the right height.

Go check out the monitor stand.

The next product on our Top 10 Modern Tech List is

Live Tech Power Charge with 6 USB Ports,1 Portable Powerbank

The Live Modern Tech power charge. This is a multi-USB charger that can be put on your desk to charge up to seven devices in one go the beauty of this is that it does support up to 40 watts of charging and it does have smart USB ports.

So, it’ll automatically distribute the charging based on what device is plugged in so in case one device will use only five watts of charging and the other will use 20 watts of charging it will automatically disperse that and so that all devices can charge at their maximum capacity.

Portable Powerbank

The other benefit of this Modern Tech Gadget is that it does include a portable power bank inside the whole device so you can simply pull out the power bank and take it with you as an emergency power bank.

The power bank has 2 600 milliamps of a battery and it will give about 2000 to 2400 milliamps of charge to any device that you may have so as an emergency case scenario you can simply pop out one of the whole USB ports and use them as a power bank.

All in all, it’s really well built and it does support fast charging and it can be a really good disc accessory if you do have a lot of devices that do require charging frequently go check it out it’s for only 1,000 rupees.

The next product on our list (Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets) is something that you’ve probably seen on social media quite a lot it’s this

Balance Lamp 7 Colour-LED Changing Magnetic LED Night Light Home Decor

RGB Color Patterns

It’s quite a really interesting lamp to have and this shape allows you to bring both the strings together and once the magnetic pieces are close to each other it activates the lamp you can also have it run in white color or an RGB pattern as well.

And as a desk lamp this is absolutely fantastic and a trendy Modern Tech Gadgets too, not only will this bring aesthetic but a really nice soft light onto your desk so if you want to use this for reading it is actually quite usable.

Excellent for Gaming | Home Decor | DIY

future technology gadgets

It can also be used in one of your gaming setups because it does support lots of colors and there is absolutely no flicker in this light as well so it is excellent for gaming or using for reading as well it is powered by a USB port.

So, you can directly plug it into your laptop or desktop or any available USB port and can also be run from a power bank cool accessory to have definitely go check this out.

The next product on our list (Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets) is

TECH Wireless Panoramic Bulb 360° IP Security Camera

Now this Modern Tech is a really cool security camera because this can be plugged into a bulb holder and this can be attached to the wall or to your ceiling and this is a 360-degree panoramic security camera.

Cool Features | Wifi Connectivity and Motion Detection

But it does have cool features like wifi connectivity and motion detection it is rather easy to set up and then you can get a 360-degree panoramic view but you can also flatten out the view and pan and zoom through this you also have a built-in speaker speakerphone and microphone options.

So, you can press the mic button on the app to speak via the speaker on this bulb camera so it’s a really cool accessory to have a good deterrent if you want to have information about what’s going on in your house or on your street definitely go check this out it’s only priced at 1499.

So that does complete our list of Top 10 Modern Tech products but we do have a bonus product this time around

We’re going to be showing you a modern tech gadget which is handy in day-to-day lives

Bonus Product ( Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets )

Magnetic Mobile Holder

The Skyvic truehold magnetic mobile holder for your car. It’s designed to go on your windshield but it does come with a plate that you can attach on your dashboard or any other rough surface.

Magnetic Head | Adjustable Telescopic Stand

And then you can basically use the suction cup to attach this Modern Tech device to that plate it does have a magnetic head and an adjustable telescopic stand which means that you not only can you point it in several different directions.

You can also increase or decrease the length of the stand to get a better position now the front magnetic mount features n45 magnets so it has a pretty impressive hold and it does come with metal plates as well so you can simply place them in the case.

Or if your phone does have magnets in bits like the iPhone 12 series you can simply attach it to this mount a pretty cool modern tech accessory to get for only 599 rs definitely go check this out

And that completes our review that is the Top 10 Modern Tech Gadgets from 1000 rupees all the way up to 3000 rupees.

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